Below are some of the FAQs:

Is your blog/website for sale ?

No. Not as of now. Please do not send an email about this.

How old is this blog and about the articles in this blog ?
Its more than 5 years old domain. The article mainly includes on step by step instructions and How To tips so that even a person without much computer knowledge can easily understand and fix issues.

How do I follow or subscribe to How to Tech Guru ?
You can follow How to Tech Guru on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter. You can subscribe by adding the RSS feed to your favorite reader.

Do you accept guest posts?
Yes. We accept guest post.  For details click here.

What services do you use to monitor and maintain your blog ?
GoDaddy DNS and hosting, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, WordPress and it’s plugins.

Do you accept giveaways and write an article about my product ?
Not as of now. How to Tech Guru doesn’t accept any giveaways and will not write sponsored articles for free.

Can I copy your blog post or use a part of it ?
Strictly NO. A regular check is being done to know if the content has been copied using various methods. Prior permission has to be taken from How to Tech Guru before doing so. If a website or blog is found copying content from How to Tech Guru without the necessary permission then a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint will be raised with the advertising partners and hosting company.

Is there a way for me to buy just one link which has higher page rank?
I have already answered this. NO.

Can we advertise about our product on your blog?
How to Tech Guru doesn’t accept any advertising for free. If you are interested then you can contact by sending an email.